In 2001 Visicon was founded to address the growing demand for fast, accurate, and innovative machine vision systems to inspect the increasing number of high value, high volume components and devices in the stent business. Visicon quickly became the market leader in dimensional inspection of coronary stents and continues to be the technology and market leader for medical stent and "stent like" implants.

Since then the company has expanded its product line within the stent market and developed new products for other high-volume/high-value markets.

In August 2016 Visicon became part of esi. As we looked at the growth in our markets around the world, we decided that being part of a larger team was the best way to both serve our existing customers and leverage our products and technology into new markets.  And after meeting with many potential partners around the world, we decided that ESI was the best choice for our customers, employees and team members.



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