Cylindrical Platforms

The Sierra Platform – Flexibility and Power

Visicon’s Sierra Platform was designed to provide common software suite that supports a flexible set of lighting and optics options.

Sierra is Visicon's 3rd generation (FS 80 -> FS 85 -> Sierra) cylindrical platform providing the latest advances in throughput, defect detection and accuracy. It has proven itself capable on a wide range of materials including nitinol, round & flat wire, titanium, stainless steel, and a variety of bio-absorbable materials.

Applications: Coronary and Endovascular Stents and other “stent-like” cylindrical devices such as heart valves.



Throughput & Accuracy

Strut Accuracy

1.5µm (+/- 3σ)

Wall Accuracy

1.25µm (+/- 3σ)


Supported Sizes - Length

8mm to 210mm

Supported Sizes - Diameter

1mm to 50mm

CAD Comparison




Profile Defect Detection 


OD Surface Defect Detection


Tailstock Option


Enhanced Lighting Option



New in 2012! In response to customer requirements we have expanded our Sierra product offering based on throughput capability. The Sierra family now includes:

  • High Availability Backup Model
  • Entry Mode: 25 to 30 Stents Per Hour (SPH)
  • Standard Model: 50 to 70 SPH
  • High Performance Compute Model: 100 to 130 SPH

4 Sierra Options with varying throughput capability