Software Suite

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In addition to our core expertise in machine vision, we have an extraordinary set of software tools that run on all of our products and are designed to be portable and flexible enough to be integrated into a wide variety of custom environments.

Using our software tools, our customers see a dramatic reduction in application development time.

The suite is made up of the following products:

  • Fine Scan:
    • Pattern matching for multiple part or feature finding in a single scan
    • Fully featured measurement suite with special features for multiple parts and features
    • CAD comparison software that can accommodate unique as well as flexible parts
    • Full library of part defect algorithms optimized for speed on accelerated vision processors
  • Fine Fit:
    • Generation of a bitmap image, of the ideal (CAD file) or golden part, and compare that image to the actual part
    • Fine Fit identifies the key points, along a curve, and shift them toward the ideal model warping (or merging) the measured and CAD data to each other. It allows the operator to compensate for "real life" twisting and movement of the part yet still compare it to the CAD model.
    • Often used in the R&D process to reverse engineer parts without drawings
    • In a manufacturing environment, enables the comparison of any area of the part back to the CAD model
    • A "teach" feature that memorizes a pattern once and identifies it throughout the part (or defined area) and replicates the measurements.