Visicon provides a wide variety of professional, technical and inspection services that enable you to leverage our expertise to best suite your business needs.

Education: From the basic principles of machine vision to advanced programming techniques, Visicon offers a wide variety of training programs that are offered at our Napa, CA facility or at your location. Courses can also be customized to accommodate any special requirements that you may have.

Calibration Services: We provide complete calibration services using NIST traceable artifacts. For stent manufactures we also offer a "calibration stent program" that can be used on a regular basis to verify the calibration of our systems.

Contract Inspection: If your existing staff and/or inspection methods need to be augmented we can help even if you do not have a Visicon system. We can provide precise measurements and/or defect detection accompanied by large amounts of quantitative data for a wide variety of parts in small or large quantities.

Applications Programming: When time is of the essence, your existing engineering staff is fully utilized or you have a particularly challenging part to inspect, we can help. We offer a full range of programming services that can deliver a complete working and verified set of programs or we can work with your engineers to augment their skills and time in a way that gets the job done and transfers knowledge.

Validation Services: For medical device manufactures Visicon provides a full set of services to assist you with IQP, PSV, and ATMV documentation as well as ATMV execution and ongoing support.

To find out more about any of these services contact us today.