Measurement & Inspection Systems


All Visicon's products are designed to provide the following set of benefits to our customers:

  • High Throughput: Line-scan and area-scan cameras rapidly generate an image of the complete part. While the part is being scanned our tightly integrated and optimized software is analyzing the image using rules/programs you create.
  • Measurement and Defect Detection: Full GD&T functions plus a rich set of defect detection algorithms
  • A Powerful Programming Model: Patented tools allow for rapid program development without compromising the depth of function required for complex measurements
  • Consistent, Reliable and Dependable Results: Compared to operators using microscopes, comparators and other basic tools our rule-based system uses quantitative data to evaluate a part/device and in turn produces quantitative output that can be analyzed and used for process control.

Visicon's products are based on our proprietary software, purpose built hardware, and a custom designed optical stack. We pride ourselves on our focus on helping our customers overcome challenging technical, process, project and business issues related to measurement and quality assurance in R&D, manufacturing and final assembly. Hence we provide the following solutions:


  • Cylindrical Platforms: Stand-alone measurement/inspection systems that can be used in a wide range of medical devices and other cylinder-like devices/parts.
  • Flat Platforms: Stand-alone measurement/inspection systems that are designed to bring all the Visicon advantages listed above to devices/parts that are mostly flat, such as guide wires, ceramic wafers and many more.
  • Custom Solutions: If one of our existing products does not specifically meet your needs we can tailor a stand-alone solution or integrate our core inspection components and software into other manufacturing processes.
  • Services: We offer a complete line of support, education, validation, applications development and consulting services to help you minimize the time to put our systems into production and to maximize the value our systems offer.