VDI Stent Navigator

For many of our medical device customers, defect analysis during process development is a painstaking process. Manual data collection is slow, limited, and not completely accurate.

Introducing the VDI Stent Navigator!

Visicon's VDI Stent Navigator software provides stent manufacturers with the functionality required to store and analyze stent defect inspection files and corresponding defect images.

Visicon's VDI enhanced reporting capabilities allow customers to automatically capture and record a wealth of defect specific data and images. Visicon's VDI Stent Navigator provides an analysis tool that allows process and/or manufacturing engineers to quickly and easily explore and characterize defect trends and determine the root cause. Quickly compare data sets after a process change.

As a result, our customers can improve the quality of their stents faster, enjoy substantial savings over the cost of manual inspection, and reduce the time to market. Becoming a world-class competitor in the medical device industry just got easier!

VDI Stent Navigator Display and Analysis Functions

  • Multiple Window User Interface
  • Stacked stent map analysis
  • Stent thumbnail gallery
  • Defect histogram and drill down analysis
  • Display defect list
  • Reclassify defects
  • Export XML, stent map, charts and defect list
  • View and store high magnification images

See VDI Stent Navigator Live: